Welcome to the Law Office of Stephen J. Haedicke, LLC, a law firm dedicated to civil rights, criminal defense, and general civil litigation in New Orleans, Louisiana.

A trial lawyer and solo practitioner,  Mr. Haedicke represents individuals and entities in complex cases in state and federal court. His practice has a focus on civil rights and criminal defense.  He regularly represents plaintiffs in civil rights cases involving wrongful death, false arrest, excessive force, and First Amendment violations.  He also represents clients in criminal matters ranging from fraud and white collar crimes to drug conspiracies, medicare crimes, and weapons charges.

Some of Mr. Haedicke’s previous matters include:

  • Civil rights suits against state and local agencies based on wrongful death
  • Federal Tort Claims Act case against the FBI
  • Defense of individual charged with heroin conspiracy in federal court
  • Criminal defense of BP Well Site Leader in relation to Deepwater Horizon disaster
  • Representation of New Orleans health care professionals during investigation of alleged euthanasia after Hurricane Katrina
  • Public Records Act suit against the New Orleans Police Department on behalf of the Innocence Project New Orleans
  • Successful plaintiff’s suit for breach of oral contract regarding green-energy technology
  • Defense of RICO conspiracy class action

Mr. Haedicke has taught in the Trial Advocacy program at the Tulane University School of Law. He has also presented on topics such as Practice Standards for Criminal Defense, Criminal Law for Civil Lawyers, and Civil Rights Law for Criminal Lawyers, and has been recognized as one of the top criminal defense lawyers in Louisiana by the National Trial Lawyers Association.  From 2018 to 2020, he will be the national Chair of the Federal Bar Association’s Civil Rights Section.

Mr. Haedicke is dedicated to personally guiding his clients through what can be the most difficult periods in their lives.  If you are facing a legal problem or have been injured through the fault of others, please call the firm for a free consultation.