Ever Wonder Where to Find the Louisiana DUI Law?

By Stephen J. Haedicke | April 9, 2014

Well, Louisiana’s statute for driving while intoxicated (sometimes called driving under the influence, or DUI) is found at LA R.S. 14:98, which is posted below.  As you’ll note, it’s quite long and complicated, with escalating potential penalties based on blood alcohol content and number of prior offenses.  On top of that, there are complicated statutes […]

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Race, Demeanor, and Jury Selection

By Stephen J. Haedicke | November 14, 2013

A recent case in the Fifth Circuit highlights the on-going evolution of legal doctrines addressing race and jury selection.  Courts have been wrestling with these issues at least since the Supreme Court announced in Batson v. Kentucky that attorneys could not discriminate on the basis of race during jury selection.  (Batson was a criminal case, […]

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Stephen Haedicke Selected as Top 100 Criminal Defense Attorney in Louisiana

By Stephen J. Haedicke | May 8, 2013

Stephen Haedicke was recently selected as one of the Top 100 Criminal Defense Lawyers in Louisiana by the National Trial Lawyers Association.  The National Trial Lawyers is a professional organization of America’s top trial lawyers.  Membership into the organization is by invitation only and is extended to those individuals who exemplify superior qualifications, trial results, […]

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New Civil Rights/Excessive Force Case against NOPD Draws Media Interest

By Stephen J. Haedicke | February 21, 2013

A case newly filed by the Law Office and alleging a police beating and subsequent cover up is receiving extensive coverage from Fox 8 news here in New Orleans.  The new suit alleges that police beat a young tourist from Alabama while he was chained to a bench at the 8th District Police Station in […]

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Another Not Guilty

By Stephen J. Haedicke | December 13, 2012

This past Tuesday, I secured another not guilty verdict for a client at Orleans Parish Criminal Court.  The client was charged with burglary and unauthorized possession of stolen things.  After over a year of wrangling with the State– first to secure all the discovery to which we were entitled (the discovery that they repeatedly refused […]

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Impact of the 2012 Louisiana Legislative Session on Criminal Law- Part 2

By Stephen J. Haedicke | August 21, 2012

Impact of the 2012 Louisiana Legislative Session on Criminal Law—Part 2 Here is the remainder of my summaries of selected changes to the criminal law made during the 2012 Legislative Session.  Note that this list is not complete; these are just the changes that appeared most important to me. Substantive Criminal Law (Title 14) HB […]

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