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Important Win in Mississippi Civil Rights Case

Working with Mississippi attorney Robert McDuff, and appearing pro hac vice, Stephen Haedicke represents the plaintiffs in Jones v. Jones County, MS et al., SDMS #2:22-CV-93-KS-MTP, a case involving the tragic and preventable death of Andrew Wesley Jones at the Jones County Detention Center after defendants failed to give him necessary medications and failed to respond to his obvious medical emergency on the morning of his death. Some of the defendants filed motions to dismiss the plaintiff’s claims in the case, but Judge Keith Starrett recently denied those motions after considering the opposition filed by Messrs. Haedicke and McDuff. Importantly, Judge Starrett found that Andrew’s death was the result of not just individual deliberate indifference, but also the jail’s policy and practices. The Court wrote:

The policies at JCADC resulted not only in a delay in medical care, but an outright denial
of medical care to Decedent and his serious medical needs. . . Considering Sheriff Berlin and Warden Henderson’s alleged established policy and practice of not obtaining medical records from outside providers, not obtaining medication prescribed by them, placing the burden on family members to provide medications, and failing to provide any training to employees on the provision of healthcare, the Court concludes that it was “‘obvious that the likely consequences . . . [would] be a deprivation of civil rights, ’” or, even more, Decedent’s death.

You can read the complete decision below. The case continues.