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Civil Rights

Stephen Haedicke is an experienced and passionate Civil Rights lawyer who believes that holding people accountable for abuse of power is one of the most important things a lawyer can do.

Mr. Haedicke has extensive experience in section 1983 litigation, which involves the violation of constitutional rights by state actors.  Many of his cases involve police misconduct or sheriff misconduct, including against inmates in jails and prisons.  He also has substantial experience in cases involving First Amendment and free speech violations, false arrests, excessive force, unlawful detention, and medical malpractice.

From 2018 to 2020, Mr. Haedicke served as the Chair of the Federal Bar Association’s Civil Rights Section.  He has also written articles on civil rights law and presented at seminars on civil rights.  Every two years, he helps to organize a civil rights continuing education course for lawyers, the  Civil Rights Etouffee CLE (, in New Orleans.

Some of Mr. Haedicke’s previous civil rights matters include:

Tolbert et al. v. Gusman and Correct Care Solutions, et al., Eastern District of Louisiana 18-cv-8359

Jazwinski v. City of New Orleans (NOPD) et al., Eastern District of Louisiana 19-cv-12288

Fontenot v. Gusman, et al., Eastern District of Louisiana 11-cv-1772

Thompson v. Ackal et al., Western District of Louisiana 15-cv-02288

Hill v. City of New Orleans et al., Eastern District of Louisiana 13-cv-2463

Do You Need a Civil Rights Attorney?

If you or a loved one has been the victim of civil rights abuses, had your rights ignored by authorities, or are interested in restoring your civil rights, contact the Law Office of Stephen Haedicke for a free consultation.