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Stephen Haedicke Honored with Award from the Federal Bar Association

This past week I was honored to receive the Outstanding Section or Division Leader Award from the Federal Bar Association.  Presented during the FBA’s annual meeting (held this year in Tampa, FL), the award resulted from my on-going work as the chair of the FBA’s Civil Rights Section.  You can see a quick video of Nate Olin presenting the award (thanks Nate!) and a picture of the award itself below.  Thank you very much to everyone involved in the FBA for this award, but I’d especially like to thank Wylie Stecklow, the immediate past chair of the Section, for all the work he has put in re-invigorating the Civil Rights Section, and also Robin Wiley, the current chair-elect, for the support she’s shown me during my tenure.  And because the work of the Section is truly a team effort, I’d be remiss not to thank all of the other board members who have kept the Section active (Eric Foley, Steven Dane, Rob Sinsheimer, Kyle Kaiser, Eileen Rosen, Kevin Golembiewski, Caryl Oberman, Bonnie Kift, Lindsey Rubinstein).   Thanks to all.

FBA award 2019

FBA 2019 Haedicke award