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Stephen Haedicke Presents on Defending Political Corruption Prosecutions in Louisiana

In December 2018, I was honored to speak on a panel of attorneys regarding prosecutions of public officials in Louisiana.  The panel was part of the Louisiana Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers’ annual Last Chance Seminar, and the other panelists were Catherine Maraist (Baton Rouge), John McLindon (Baton Rouge), and Elton Richey (Shreveport).  The discussion was guided by a Powerpoint presentation– which I’ve attached below– that I put together after brainstorming with the other panelists regarding common types of statutes used to prosecute public officials.  As is evident from the complexity of the statutes involved, defending these types of cases is difficult business, and the stakes are obviously quite high.  I think everyone who attended the presentation, including me, learned something new about how to successfully defend against these types of white-collar prosecutions.

Public Corruption Laws and Cases- Louisiana- 2018 LACDL

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