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The Inaugural Post

Hello, and welcome to Ecce Home, Ecce Lex, a blog about human beings, the laws they make, and the all-too-frequent distance between what people hope to be and what we are. Although that subject matter might seem abstract–and it is, intentionally so, because I want to give myself the flexibility to write on a wide variety of topics–my main purpose here is to provide clients, potential clients, and the general public with my perspective on human behavior and the operation and practice of law in our society. I’ve always been deeply interested in the nature of the human condition– the experience of consciousness, the moral and ethical struggles we face, our biological realities competing with a possibility for the divine. My professional interests in law have probably followed from these more philosophic ones– criminal justice, trial practice, drug laws, the nature and purpose of punishment, the legal relations between state and individual, and peoples’ pursuit of justice in the courts. My postings to this blog will relate to those admittedly broad topics.

A couple of rules:
1. Nothing on this blog should be considered legal advice by any person. If you require legal advice, please contact my office at 504-528-9500.

2. I reserve the right to remove any comments or postings that I find offensive or inappropriate. Anonymous postings or comments will generally be removed.

Thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoy.


Stephen Haedicke

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